Chess Sparks Services

At Chess Sparks not only do we provide short weekly videos, so beginners can increase their understanding of the game by learning one new important concept weekly, we also provide newsletters and video information for parents and schools from some of the industry’s leading members and professionals providing them with information that they wouldn’t normally be privy to.

Our Ignition program will start in September 2020. The other programs for children and parents will be available in 2021. 


Chess-lete is a weekly online program for stronger juniors who want to get to the next level and have access to some of the top chess players from around the globe.

Parents Page

Parents Page is a weekly chess program for students participating in the SICP program through their schools. 

Schools (Ignition) Program

An inexpensive ten week school programme for children to learn the basics of the game. This is a programme for schools only. 


Where you can access products from Chess Sparks including chess books, literature, clothing and other trinkets. 


News For All

Keep up to date with the latest news and information from our blog content. It is separated into sections depending on what product you have signed up for.