Weekly English and Chess classes in the centre of Madrid for both juniors and adults. Online classes are also available. 

Well priced weekly courses with a native professional teacher. 


At TEACH Madrid we are committed to helping you reach your goals, if it is becoming a better chess player or improving your language skills. We have developed a programme to help our students of all ages achieve their goals. You can book here at:

At The English And Chess House (TEACH) you will be taught by a Native Professional Teacher who has many years of experience working with students individually and in schools and companies. We understand challenges that students face in their journeys so we take steps to prevent them making your learning process a little easier. 

We have created small, affordable group classes as we find that students can grow together while enjoying specialised targeted classes. Our students can gain confidence in their classes; if it is just connecting with people on their journey to doing a business presentation. 

Students are taught by a native professional english teacher who has over ten years teaching experience. Classes are catered for the individual, challenging but fun so students really can get the most from the sessions. We suggest you book your classes in 4, 6 or 12 week slots in advance to lock in your lesson time. If the classes are full students will be added to a wait-list and if there is enough demand we may open up another time slot.



3-4pm High School ESO English



4.45-5.45pm Critical Thinking

6-7.30pm Writing Workshop

8-9.15pm Business English 



3-4pm High School ESO English

4.30-5.30pm A1 English 

6-7pm A2/B1 English

7.30-9.30pm GMAT



3.30-4.45pm Business English 

5-6.15pm Business English 

Course descriptions



An English class that focuses on all the different areas of English learning process. All classes start with conversation where we practice our speaking and listening skills followed by  reading and some writing. We then finish the class with more speaking practice. 

There are different classes depending on the age and year group of the student. This is so we can target the classes so you can get the most of the class and you are learning in a group of people in the same level. Each English class is one hour long and is €12. The tea and conversation class is for students who are A2 level and above and want a relaxed environment to practice Spanish under the guidance of an English teacher. 

Writing Workshop

The writing workshop is for students who want to improve their writing goals. 

This class is great for students in 5th and 6th ESO who want to practice for the selectividad exam at the end of the year. 

For selectividad students, each week week we will tackle a previous exam paper. Students will practice reading the passage, we will go through new vocabulary, we will then discuss the passage as a group and then students will learn how to plan and write an essay in English. 

Finally every week a student will have the opportunity to write a passage of the essay as their homework. Each piece will be individually marked and feedback will be given so that students can achieve the highest results when it comes time to take the exam. The class is €17 and lasts 90 minutes.

Business English

The business english class is for adults who are trying to improve their day-to-day business interactions. 

We will teach you targeted words and expressions often used in business. We will discuss business articles relating to your field. 

Every few weeks students will prepare and deliver a presentation in English. We will also work on interview preparation. 

These classes are also opportunities for students to network and grow their business network. The wonderful thing about these classes is that students can curate the class by suggesting lessons and topics they would like to cover. 

Classes will last 75 minutes and cost €15 per session.


The Graduate Management Admission Test is a computer adaptive test intended to assess certain analytical, writing, quantitative, verbal, and reading skills in written English for use in admission to a graduate management program, such as an MBA programme. 

During this programme we will look at exam techniques as well as taking regular practice tests. Each student will have different strengths and weaknesses which we will identify and personalise a study plan for you. Homework will be set for the individual so students are ready to take the exam and pass their exam. 

Each session will last 2 hours not including the additional material provided during the week and will cost €42. 

Health & Safety

The way that schools and academies are delivering classes has changed during quarantine. We have a set of rules in place to make sure that students are kept safe. Classes are held in a well ventilated room. There are also online options for students who are not as comfortable being in groups. 

All students will wear face masks throughout the class, anti-bacterial gel will be provided and the areas used will be cleaned between groups. 

The tutor will be first-aid trained and have a International Child Protection Certificate as the health, safety and peace of mind of our students is of the utmost importance to us. 



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Please note that it may take us up to three working days to respond. 

The English And Chess House
T. E. A. C. H. Madrid

English Programme

Weekly programme

from €10.00


benefits of English

There are a few future benefits of learning English including being able to find a better job, increase your employability and is still considered one of the most important languages for business.  

The ten benefits of learning english:

English will allow you to communicate comfortable and confidently with people

English exposes you to another culture

Expand your vocabulary

You will make new friends and meet new people

Learning English will open doors to the world for you

English is still considered a global language

Science research is primarily published and written in English

Improves your memory

Increases your ability to multitask

Learning a new language (English) raises your IQ

About the Course Creator

Over the last 20 years, Lateefah, a national chess champion and experienced coach has been involved in the wonderful, dangerous and bizarre game that is chess. During that time she came to thoroughly understand the challenges that most chess juniors, parents and schools face in their ability to access key information so they can grow. She noticed that although chess is universal it is not necessarily accessible for everyone. At Chess Sparks this is something we want to change. She has taught thousands of juniors over the past ten years and in that time has an advanced knowledge of why and how chess improves children’s learning.


Lateefah is recognised as one of the UK’s leading chess coaches for young people. Lateefah’s work in schools meant that she produced one of the strongest junior chess teams in the country. The school was recognised nationally by the English Chess Federation as a Leadership school for its role in the positive promotion of chess across the UK. It had also been awarded the British Chess Educational Trust Award, a national award, for the schools continued work in chess. On several occasions, under my leadership, the school won the National Primary Schools Award.

Lateefah has spent the last few years teaching English. She has a high interest in creative writing completing a masters in the subject from the Open University. She has enjoyed teaching English in both schools and private classes in Madrid. She understands the struggles of learning a new language as she strives to learn Spanish. It means she can take these lessons and difficulties that she has learnt and put them into practice in her own teaching. She has creating fun, affordable and successful classes. 

Lateefah Messam-Sparks, 3 times National Girls U18 Champion

3rd in the World Schools Chess Championships, U14 Girls

Frequently Asked Questions

There are different types of courses depending on the day and the hour. You can book here at



3-4pm High school ESO English

4.30-5.30pm U12 Beginners Chess 

5.50-7pm U18 Beginners Chess

7.30-9.30pm Chess Club for all levels



4.45-5.45pm Critical Thinking

6-7.30pm Writing Workshop

8-9.15pm Business English 



3-4pm High School ESO English

4.30-5.30pm A1 English 

6-7pm A2/B1 English

7.30-9.30pm GMAT


3.15-4.05pm Chess Beginner Online

4.30-5.20pm Chess Intermediate Online

6-7pm Tea and Conversations English class

7.30-9.30pm Chess club with tournament match



3.30-4.45pm Business English 

5-6.15pm Business English 


Saturday, Sunday and Holidays


Intensive Courses


Seasonal events and holiday clubs

We have found that this is the most successful way for students to learn and grow if they have signed up for the course. 

It also ensures students are not behind and have learnt the material to reach the highest level of success. 

We do allow one of class sign ups however a student that has paid for a group of sessions in advance has locked in their place. The price is also slightly cheaper than paying for the class in a session-by-session basis. 

Yes and No.

For children having a personal touch can really be inspiring and learning in a group with friends in a club environment can foster a supportive fun community.

However each child is different. Some children like having the space to learn by themselves in a clear, structured online environment in a 1-1 video setting.

With our programme we strive to develop both of these elements as much as we can. Our mission is for children to learn in a fun way.

For adults it is really a matter of personal opinion. 

Students can then continue learning and improving their English and/ or their chess when the next programme starts in January 2022.

As rules and regulations are consistently changing we follow guidelines set by Educa Madrid and government sites. 

For example, there will be ventilation and hand sanitiser. The equipment will be cleaned regularly.

If you would like to pay for the course an alternative way then please either message us on 664 3224382 or email us on and we will send you another payment method (IBAN or bizum). You will get a receipt after payment and specific information regarding the location of the course. 

Once registration and payment has been made. You will be given the address of where the classes will be held. This is for security purposes. 

The in-person courses is in Huertas, Madrid. The location is accessible to anyone with disabilities. 

The classes are very central and there are lots of options regarding how to get to the classes. Below are the walking distances from different metro stations.

Anton Martin: 3 mins

Sevilla: 9 mins

Estacion del Arte: 10 mins

Sol: 11 mins

Lavapies: 10 mins

Atocha-Renfe: 12 mins

If you have any additional questions please either message us on 0034 664 324382 or email us at or Register your interest on the form on this page.

The best way to get in touch is via WhatsApp message. 

If you are ready to sign up for the programme then you can press the Buy Now button.

You can either pay via Stripe, Paypal, IBAN, cash or bizum. It can take us up to three working days to process the payment and then you will be sent an introduction booklet via email with information about the programme.