TEACH Madrid


TEACH Madrid has weekly programmes for both juniors and adults. You also get access to online content and worksheets. Courses start at €72 per student. You will be sent an information pack and additional information including location.



The English and Chess House (TEACH) Madrid is a platform for students to improve their Spanish skills and/or to become better at chess.  We have developed programmes to help students of all ages achieve their goals. More information about our products and courses can be found via this link: www.chesssparks.com/madrid

We ask for a payment of €72 for students to reserve their place on any six-week course. If students want to attend a course with a higher price point then the rest of this payment will have to be completed before the beginning of the second week of the course and individual invoices and course materials will be sent out to you.



3-4pm 1st and 2nd ESO English; 4.30-5.30pm U12 Beginners Chess; 5.50-7pm U18 Beginners Chess; 7.30-9.30pm Adult Chess Club for all levels


4.45-5.45pm Critical Thinking; 6-7.30pm Selectividad; 8-9.15pm Business English


3-4pm 3rd and 4th ESO English; 4.30-5.30pm A1 Junior English; 6-7pm A2/B1 English; 7.30-9.30pm GMAT


3.15-4.05pm Chess Beginner Online; 4.30-5.20pm Chess Intermediate Online; 6-7pm Tea and Conversations English class; 7.30-9.30pm Chess club with a tournament match


3.30-4.45pm Business English; 5-6.15pm Business English

Saturday, Sunday and Holidays

Workshops; Intensive Courses; Tournaments; Seasonal events and holiday clubs