Schools Ignition Program

An inexpensive program for school children to learn the rules of chess through a ten-week interactive program. The $1 per child 10-week program will end with an online schools chess tournament.

Join other schools in the Schools Ignition Chess Program and our National Online Chess Tournament. 

Why should your school sign up for the Schools Ignition Chess Program?

It has always been difficult for schools to have access to top-level chess coaches. Chess coaches are both niche and expensive. Although chess is universal at Chess Sparks we strive to find ways to make it truly inclusive for everyone. The Schools Ignition Chess Program has found a way to combat this. 

Our Schools Ignition Chess Program releases weekly 30-minute chess videos and worksheets based on the lesson. The program lasts ten weeks with two bonus elements. At the end of the program schools can enter into a nationwide online chess tournament.

During covid times

The way that schools are delivering classes has changed during lockdown. At Chess Sparks, we have found a way to ease pressure from teachers. The chess lessons are sent to schools which can be sent on to students and they are already prepared.


At the end of the first ten-week program, students will know the rules of chess, advice about chess tournaments, advice about how to play in chess tournaments, chess puzzles and advice about training.  

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Schools tournament

Information about the tournament will be sent out closer to the end of the first course.


Individual Champions

There will be individual champions for girls and boys in the following sections for U8, U10, U12, U14, U18.


School Champions

There will be an overall school champion based on the following factors:

-number of children playing in the tournament

-individual junior results

-tournament training rooms


At the end of the first ten-week SICP program students will know the rules of chess, advice about chess tournaments, advice about how to play in chess tournaments, chess puzzles and advice about training.  

Schools Ignition Chess Program

10-week program



Classes & Benefits













Why the Board came to be? by L. M. Sparks eBook can be purchased in shop


benefits of chess

Aside from the largely established academic benefits of chess such as increased analytical, critical, evaluative, cognitive skills and executive function. There are less well-known, but very effective, ways that chess is successfully used as a dynamic, strategic force multiplier in schools.  

One of the greatest things about having a chess programme at any school is that it can be truly inclusively to all ages of children and there is no barrier to entry. Also, one can observe firsthand the positive progression of children with ADHD and/or on the spectrum who participate in chess regularly.

The ten benefits of chess:

Chess teaches you life skills

Chess is universal

Chess builds confidence

Chess develops problem-solving skills

Chess develops creativity

Chess is educational

Chess increases self-worth

Chess teaches good sportsmanship

Chess teaches planning and foresight

Chess raises IQ

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes and No.

For children having a personal touch can really be inspiring and learning in a group with friends in a club environment can foster a supportive fun community.

However each child is different. Some children like having the space to learn by themselves in a clear, structured online environment in a 1-1 video setting.

With our programme we strive to develop both of these elements as much as we can. Our mission is for children to learn in a fun way.

Yes it is. The program that we will be using in our online chess tournament will gave a ‘kid mode’.

Yes. When you sign up for the program your school will be sent information about playing in the online tournament. Students will have the chance to be individual champions as well as the school competing for the school champion title.

Your school enters the online competition and will compete against other schools and pupils.

Students then continue learning and improving their chess with the next program starting in January 2021.

If you have any additional questions please either email us at or Register your interest on a form on this page. 

If you are ready to sign up a minimum of 10 children for the program then you can press the Buy Now button. 

Schools can either pay via Stripe or Paypal. It can take us up to three working days to process the payment and then your school will be sent weekly materials via email to send out to your students. 

If you would like to pay for the course an alternative way then please either email us on and we will send you another payment method. Please note that these payment methods will only be sent out to schools who would like to sign up a minimum of 50 children for the program.

About the Course Creator

Over the last 20 years, Lateefah, a national chess champion and experienced coach has been involved in the wonderful, dangerous and bizarre game that is chess. During that time she came to thoroughly understand the challenges that most chess juniors, parents and schools face in their ability to access key information so they can grow. She noticed that although chess is universal it is not necessarily accessible for everyone. At Chess Sparks this is something we want to change. She has taught thousands of juniors over the past ten years and in that time has an advanced knowledge of why and how chess improves children’s learning.

Lateefah is recognised as one of the UK’s leading chess coaches for young people. Lateefah’s work in schools meant that she produced one of the strongest junior chess teams in the country. The school was recognised nationally by the English Chess Federation as a Leadership school for its role in the positive promotion of chess across the UK. It had also been awarded the British Chess Educational Trust Award, a national award, for the schools continued work in chess. On several occasions, under my leadership, the school won the National Primary Schools Award.

Lateefah Messam-Sparks, 3 times National Girls U18 Champion
3rd in the World Schools Chess Championships, U14 Girls

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An inexpensive programme for school children to learn the rules of chess through a ten-week interactive programme.