Schools Ignition Chess Program


An inexpensive twelve week chess programme for children and adults. Students have a minimum 60-minute lessons and worksheets. By the end of the term they will understand how to play. At the end of the term students can compete in an online chess tournament.



Chess and English Programme

A 12-week online programme for students of different levels and different ages. Most programmes cost €120 per child for twelve weeks meaning students get two weeks free when they sign up for the programme. At the end of that period pupils will have the opportunity to play in a tournament where there will be a top player and an overall champion. In Madrid English is such an important thing for students to learn so teaching them English through chess is both engaging, fun and children learn more and faster as it develops both sides of their brains. Chess Sparks is a network to help players with the process and to give pupils structured 60-minute lessons and worksheets based on these classes.


Beginner Programme Objectives

By the end of this of the initial twelve-week program, schools will have:

  • Behind the scenes access to interviews with some of the top chess movers and shakers in the industry
  • All pupils will understand how to play chess, the objectives of the game
  • Motivational talks for pupils looking at grit, winning and dealing with loss
  • Access to chess videos and worksheets taking students through the basics of how to play chess
  • Q&A sessions

Chess Lessons

  • Rooks
  • Bishops
  • Queens
  • Kings
  • Pawn
  • Knights
  • Setting up the board and annotation
  • Half term recap
  • Check
  • Get out of check (A, B, Cs)
  • Checkmate
  • Chess etiquette, dealing with losing, winning and drawing (story)
  • 3 secrets of chess. First secret: castling
  • 3 secrets of chess. Second secret: promotion
  • 3 secrets of chess. Third secret: en passant
  • Recap