T.E.A.C.H. Madrid Course Deposit


Deposit for a group of classes at The English And Chess House Madrid. Please check www.chesssparks.com/madrid to see our schedule and the range of classes available.



The English and Chess House Madrid (T.E.A.C.H. Madrid)

An offline and online programme for students in Madrid of different levels and different ages.

At TEACH Madrid we are committed to helping you reach your goals, if it is becoming a better chess player or improving your language skills. We have developed a programme to help our students of all ages achieve their goals.

At The English And Chess House you will be taught by a Native Professional Teacher who has many years of experience working with students in schools and companies. We understand challenges that students face in their journeys so we take steps to prevent them making your learning process a little easier.

We have created small, affordable group classes as we find that students can grow together while enjoying specialised targeted classes. Our students can gain confidence in their classes; if it is just connecting with people on their journey to doing a business presentation.

It has always been difficult for students to have access to top-level Chess tutoring. Chess coaches are both niche and expensive. Although chess is universal at TEACH Madrid we strive to find ways to make it truly inclusive for everyone. This programme has found a way for students to develop their analytical skills along with their English language.

Students are taught by a native professional English teacher who has over ten years of teaching experience. Classes are catered for the individual, challenging but fun so students really can get the most from the sessions. We suggest you book your classes in 4, 6 or 12-week slots in advance to lock in your lesson time. If the classes are full students will be added to a wait-list and if there is enough demand we may open up another time slot.

You can book a time slot by putting down a deposit of €60 and emailing us. Alternatively, you can go to lateefah.bookwhen.com and book for whatever classes you would like online.




3-4pm High School ESO English

4.30-5.30pm U12 Beginners Chess

5.50-7pm U18 Beginners Chess

7.30-9.30pm Chess Club for all levels



4.45-5.45pm Critical Thinking

6-7.30pm Writing Workshop

8-9.15pm Business English



3-4pm High School ESO English

4.30-5.30pm A1 English

6-7pm A2/B1 English

7.30-9.30pm GMAT



3.15-4.05pm Chess Beginner Online

4.30-5.20pm Chess Intermediate Online

6-7pm Tea and Conversations English class

7.30-9.30pm Chess club with a tournament match



3.30-4.45pm Business English

5-6.15pm Business English


Saturday, Sunday and Holidays


Intensive Courses


Seasonal events and holiday clubs




Beginner Chess Programme Objectives

By the end of this of the initial twelve-week program, schools will have:

  • Behind the scenes access to interviews with some of the top chess movers and shakers in the industry
  • All pupils will understand how to play chess, the objectives of the game
  • Motivational talks for pupils looking at grit, winning and dealing with loss
  • Access to chess videos and worksheets taking students through the basics of how to play chess
  • Q&A sessions

Chess Lessons

  • Rooks
  • Bishops
  • Queens
  • Kings
  • Pawn
  • Knights
  • Setting up the board and annotation
  • Half term recap
  • Check
  • Get out of check (A, B, Cs)
  • Checkmate
  • Chess etiquette, dealing with losing, winning and drawing (story)
  • 3 secrets of chess. First secret: castling
  • 3 secrets of chess. Second secret: promotion
  • 3 secrets of chess. Third secret: en passant
  • Recap