Schools Ignition Chess Program


An inexpensive ten week school program for children to learn the basics of the game. This is a program for schools only. Children are sent weekly 30 minute video lessons and worksheets. By the end of the term they will understand how to play. At the end of the term children can compete in an online schools tournament.



Schools Ignition Chess Program

A 10-week online program for schools for their pupils to learn the basics of the game. The programme costs $1 per child for ten weeks. At the end of that period schools and pupils have the opportunity to play in an online chess tournament where there will be a top player and an overall school champion. I have often spoken to schools who have wanted to set up a chess club but didn’t know the steps to take to bring it to fruition. Chess Sparks is a network to help schools with the process and to give pupils structured 30-minute video lessons and worksheets and lessons based on these classes.

Programme Overview

High-quality chess coaching fails to be affordable and accessible to many students in schools. Many schools face countless problems with starting, maintaining and expanding their chess club. Chess equipment is pricey and hard to store; Information is hard to access and even then you may not which events are best to attend for the school and its pupils; Schools may struggle to get a regular, reliable and affordable coach, your school might not have a chess program and on top of that you might not even know where to start.

Therefore the aim of the Ignition Program is to give schools access to three fundamental elements necessary to bring high-level chess to schools:

1. Weekly video classes where your students receive access to weekly 30-minute video classes. After the first ten lessons, students will understand all the rules of chess including how to move pieces, tournament advice and life lessons gained from chess including etiquette and attitude.

2. Training events, tournaments and talks at the end of the ten-week program pupils will get to compete in an online chess tournament. The tournament is only available for schools who sign up for the Ignition Program. There will be individual section winners and also an overall school champion. 

3. Worksheets – an accompanying worksheet will be sent with every weekly video. There will also be a booklet of the entire course sent at the end of the ten-week program. 


Program Objectives

By the end of this of the initial ten-week program, schools will have:

  • Behind the scenes access to interviews with some of the top chess movers and shakers in the industry
  • All pupils will understand how to play chess, the objectives of the game
  • Motivational talks for pupils looking at grit, winning and dealing with loss
  • Access to chess videos and worksheets taking students through the basics of how to play chess
  • Q&A sessions

Chess Lessons

  • Rooks
  • Bishops
  • Queens
  • Kings
  • Pawn
  • Knights
  • Setting up the board and annotation
  • Half term recap
  • Check
  • Get out of check (A, B, Cs)
  • Checkmate
  • Chess etiquette, dealing with losing, winning and drawing (story)
  • 3 secrets of chess. First secret: castling
  • 3 secrets of chess. Second secret: promotion
  • 3 secrets of chess. Third secret: en passant
  • Recap